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More docu for skolemOccurs

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......@@ -103,7 +103,11 @@ An elementary rewrite is a properly oriented equality with associated coercion
that has one of the following two forms:
(1) co :: F ~ t
(2) co :: a ~ t , where t /= F
(2) co :: a ~ t , where t /= F and a is a skolem tyvar
NB: We do *not* use equalities of the form a ~ t where a is a meta tyvar as a
reqrite rule. Instead, such equalities are solved by unification. This is
essential; cf Note [skolemOccurs loop].
The following functions takes an equality instance and turns it into an
elementary rewrite if possible.
......@@ -491,7 +495,7 @@ oriented properly, like
F a ~ [G (F a)]
or even
a ~ [G a]
a ~ [G a] , where a is a skolem tyvar
The left-to-right orientiation is not suitable because it does not
terminate. The right-to-left orientation is not suitable because it
......@@ -536,6 +540,45 @@ NB: We perform this transformation for multiple occurences of ty1 under one
rule doesn't need to be applied multiple times at a single inst). As a
result we can get two or more insts back.
Note [skolemOccurs loop]
You might think that under
type family F a
type instance F [a] = [F a]
a signature such as
foo :: (F [a] ~ a) => a
will get us into a loop. However, this is *not* the case. Here is why:
F [a<sk>] ~ a<sk>
[F a<sk>] ~ a<sk>
[b<tau>] ~ a<sk>
F [b<tau>] ~ b<tau> , with b := F a
[b<tau>] ~ a<sk>
[F b<tau>] ~ b<tau> , with b := F a
At this point (SkolemOccurs) does *not* apply anymore, as
[F b<tau>] ~ b<tau>
is not used as a rewrite rule. The variable b<tau> is not a skolem (cf
(The regression test indexed-types/should_compile/Simple20 checks that the
described property of the system does not change.)
skolemOccurs :: PrecondRule
skolemOccurs insts
......@@ -555,7 +598,9 @@ skolemOccurs insts
-- skolemOccurs does not apply, leave as is
| null tysToLiftOut
= return ([inst], return ())
= do { traceTc $ text "oneSkolemOccurs: no tys to lift out"
; return ([inst], return ())
-- recursive occurence of pat in body under a type family application
| otherwise
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