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[project @ 1997-01-24 08:56:57 by sof]

Unused for new build system
parent 44e1ffc9
#! /usr/local/bin/perl
# see comments in ghc/lib/Jmakefile
open(MKF, "< Makefile") || die "Can't open Makefile\n";
# read down to start of dependencies
while (<MKF>) {
last if /# DO NOT DELETE: Beginning of Haskell dependencies/;
# slurp through dependencies, duplicating them
while (<MKF>) {
last if /# DO NOT DELETE: End of Haskell dependencies/;
foreach $k ( '_p', '_t',
'_mc', '_mr', '_mt', '_mp', '_mg',
'_2s', '_1s', '_du',
'_a', '_b', '_c', '_d', '_e', '_f', '_g', '_h',
'_i', '_j', '_k', '_o', '_m', '_n', '_o', '_A', '_B' ) {
$copy = $_;
# change all .hc and .hi
$copy =~ s/\.hc\b/$k.hc/;
$copy =~ s/\.hi\b/$k.hi/;
print STDOUT "IfBuild$k(", $copy, ")\n";
close(MKF) || die "Failed in closing Makefile\n";
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