Commit 1c7a841f authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Fix the way we pass GMP_INCLUDE_DIRS to hsc2hs; spotted by Andres Loh

We were still building the flags in Haskell list syntax, but we now pass
the arguments directly rather than constructing a Haskell program with
parent dc25c00f
......@@ -967,14 +967,7 @@ SRC_CC_OPTS += -G0
SRC_HSC2HS_OPTS += $(addprefix --cflag=,$(filter-out -O,$(SRC_CC_OPTS)))
# Given
# foo bar
# make
# :\"-Ifoo\":\"-Ibar\"
space=$(nothing) $(nothing)
SRC_HSC2HS_OPTS += $(subst $(space),,$(foreach d,$(GMP_INCLUDE_DIRS),:\"-I$(d)\"))
SRC_HSC2HS_OPTS += $(foreach d,$(GMP_INCLUDE_DIRS),-I$(d))
# GMP Library (version 2.0.x or above)
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