Commit 1cea9a51 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

optimise away some unnecessary stack checks

parent f1ed6a10
......@@ -211,11 +211,29 @@ layout procpoints liveness entry entry_args final_stackmaps final_hwm blocks
acc_stackmaps' = mapUnion acc_stackmaps out
hwm' = maximum (acc_hwm : (sp0 - sp_off) : map sm_sp (mapElems out))
-- If this block jumps to the GC, then we do not take its
-- stack usage into account for the high-water mark.
-- Otherwise, if the only stack usage is in the stack-check
-- failure block itself, we will do a redundant stack
-- check. The stack has a buffer designed to accommodate
-- the largest amount of stack needed for calling the GC.
this_sp_hwm | isGcJump last0 = 0
| otherwise = sp0 - sp_off
hwm' = maximum (acc_hwm : this_sp_hwm : map sm_sp (mapElems out))
go bs acc_stackmaps' hwm' (final_blocks ++ acc_blocks)
-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- Not foolproof, but GCFun is the culprit we most want to catch
isGcJump :: CmmNode O C -> Bool
isGcJump (CmmCall { cml_target = CmmReg (CmmGlobal l) })
= l == GCFun || l == GCEnter1
isGcJump _something_else = False
-- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
-- This doesn't seem right somehow. We need to find out whether this
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