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Private axiom comment in Backpack

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......@@ -1357,8 +1357,33 @@ Now it is illegal for \verb|A = B|, because when the type families are
unified, the instances now fail the apartness check. However, if the second
instance was \verb|F Int = Char|, the families would be able to link together.
It would be nice to solve this problem before getting to the linking phase. (But,
channeling SPJ for a moment, ``Why would anyone want to do that?!'')
To make matters worse, an implementation may define more axioms than are
visible in the signature:
package a where
A :: [
type family F a :: *
type instance F Int = Bool
package b where
include a
B = [
import A
type instance F Bool = Bool
package c where
A = [
type family F a :: *
type instance F Int = Bool
type instance F Bool = Int
include b
It would seem that private axioms cannot be naively supported. Is
there any way that thinning axioms could be made to work?
\section{Open questions}\label{sec:open-questions}
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