Commit 1d35581a authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh

Use System.IO.stderr rather than IO.stderr in GHCi. Fixes trac #1001.

GHCi evaluates a command to flush the stdout/stderr buffers, but this
command can only use names that are in scope. It used to need IO.stderr
from the haskell98 package, but this patch means it only needs things
from the base package.
parent 139422fe
......@@ -652,7 +652,7 @@ GLOBAL_VAR(turn_off_buffering, error "no flush_stdout", IO ())
no_buf_cmd = "System.IO.hSetBuffering System.IO.stdout System.IO.NoBuffering" ++
" Prelude.>> System.IO.hSetBuffering System.IO.stderr System.IO.NoBuffering"
flush_cmd = "System.IO.hFlush System.IO.stdout Prelude.>> System.IO.hFlush IO.stderr"
flush_cmd = "System.IO.hFlush System.IO.stdout Prelude.>> System.IO.hFlush System.IO.stderr"
initInterpBuffering :: Session -> IO ()
initInterpBuffering session
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