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Remove EqInsts from addSCs to avoid -DDEBUG warnings

parent 4ba96c06
......@@ -2464,7 +2464,8 @@ addSCs is_loop avails dict
(clas, tys) = getDictClassTys dict
(tyvars, sc_theta, sc_sels, _) = classBigSig clas
sc_theta' = substTheta (zipTopTvSubst tyvars tys) sc_theta
sc_theta' = filter (not . isEqPred) $
substTheta (zipTopTvSubst tyvars tys) sc_theta
add_sc avails (sc_dict, sc_sel)
| is_loop (dictPred sc_dict) = return avails -- See Note [SUPERCLASS-LOOP 2]
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