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users-guide: Add GHCi's ::<builtin-command> form

This commit explicitly adds description about double colon command
of GHCi.

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......@@ -2994,6 +2994,12 @@ commonly used commands.
The :ghci-cmd:`:uses` command requires :ghci-cmd:`:set +c` to be set.
.. ghci-cmd:: :: ⟨builtin-command⟩
Executes the GHCi built-in command (e.g. ``::type 3``). That is,
look up on the list of builtin commands, excluding defined macros.
See also: :ghci-cmd:`:def`.
.. ghci-cmd:: :! ⟨command⟩
.. index::
......@@ -3297,6 +3303,9 @@ Here are some examples:
You get ``:type 3`` with your defined macro.
When giving priority to built-in commands, you can use
:ghci-cmd:`:: ⟨builtin-command⟩`, like ``::type 3``.
.. _dot-haskeline-file:
The ``.haskeline`` file
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