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[project @ 1997-05-26 05:42:35 by sof]

New test dumps
parent 4a48f32d
tcfail069.hs:21: Couldn't match the type
`PrelBase.[]' against `PrelTup.(,) [PrelBase.Int]'
Expected: `[t{-aF1-}]'
Inferred: `([PrelBase.Int], [PrelBase.Int])'
In a "case" branch:
-> `IOBase.error
In a case expression:
`case (list1, (list2)) of
-> IOBase.error
In an equation for function `too_much':
`too_much ds ((k, m) PrelBase.: q1) s0
= case (list1, (list2)) of
-> IOBase.error
= ds
= ds'
Compilation had errors
tcfail070.hs:13: Couldn't match the kind
* against * -> ka2141
When unifying two kinds
* and * -> ka2141
In the type declaration for `State'
Compilation had errors
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