Commit 1f159519 authored by Edward Z. Yang's avatar Edward Z. Yang

Respect package visibility when deciding wired in packages.

Previously, we would consider ALL versions of a wired-in package,
no matter if they were exposed or not, and pick the latest version.
This patch is a minor refinement on the behavior: now we try to
pick the wired in package from just the list of exposed packages,
and if there are no candidates fall back on the full list.  This
means that if you do:

    -hide-all-packages -package wired-in-OLD-VERSION

it will actually work by default (whereas previously you needed
to *explicitly* -ignore-package the newer version).  This is especially
useful for the 'ghc' package.  Fixes #9955.
Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>

Test Plan: validate

Reviewers: simonpj, austin

Reviewed By: austin

Subscribers: carter, thomie

Differential Revision:

GHC Trac Issues: #9955
parent d3c08ca0
......@@ -452,18 +452,6 @@ mungePackagePaths top_dir pkgroot pkg =
-- Modify our copy of the package database based on a package flag
-- (-package, -hide-package, -ignore-package).
-- | A horrible hack, the problem is the package key we'll turn
-- up here is going to get edited when we select the wired in
-- packages, so preemptively pick up the right one. Also, this elem
-- test is slow. The alternative is to change wired in packages first, but
-- then we are no longer able to match against package keys e.g. from when
-- a user passes in a package flag.
calcKey :: PackageConfig -> PackageKey
calcKey p | pk <- packageNameString p
, pk `elem` wired_in_pkgids
= stringToPackageKey pk
| otherwise = packageConfigId p
:: DynFlags
-> UnusablePackages
......@@ -484,7 +472,8 @@ applyPackageFlag dflags unusable (pkgs, vm) flag =
Right (p:_,_) -> return (pkgs, vm')
n = fsPackageName p
vm' = addToUFM_C edit vm_cleared (calcKey p) (b, map convRn rns, n)
vm' = addToUFM_C edit vm_cleared (packageConfigId p)
(b, map convRn rns, n)
edit (b, rns, n) (b', rns', _) = (b || b', rns ++ rns', n)
convRn (a,b) = (mkModuleName a, mkModuleName b)
-- ToDo: ATM, -hide-all-packages implicitly triggers change in
......@@ -492,7 +481,7 @@ applyPackageFlag dflags unusable (pkgs, vm) flag =
-- flag
vm_cleared | gopt Opt_HideAllPackages dflags = vm
| otherwise = filterUFM_Directly
(\k (_,_,n') -> k == getUnique (calcKey p)
(\k (_,_,n') -> k == getUnique (packageConfigId p)
|| n /= n') vm
_ -> panic "applyPackageFlag"
......@@ -500,7 +489,7 @@ applyPackageFlag dflags unusable (pkgs, vm) flag =
case selectPackages (matchingStr str) pkgs unusable of
Left ps -> packageFlagErr dflags flag ps
Right (ps,_) -> return (pkgs, vm')
where vm' = delListFromUFM vm (map calcKey ps)
where vm' = delListFromUFM vm (map packageConfigId ps)
-- we trust all matching packages. Maybe should only trust first one?
-- and leave others the same or set them untrusted
......@@ -604,9 +593,10 @@ wired_in_pkgids = map packageKeyString wiredInPackageKeys
:: DynFlags
-> [PackageConfig] -- database
-> IO [PackageConfig]
-> VisibilityMap -- info on what packages are visible
-> IO ([PackageConfig], VisibilityMap)
findWiredInPackages dflags pkgs = do
findWiredInPackages dflags pkgs vis_map = do
-- Now we must find our wired-in packages, and rename them to
-- their canonical names (eg. base-1.0 ==> base).
......@@ -621,18 +611,29 @@ findWiredInPackages dflags pkgs = do
-- one.
-- When choosing which package to map to a wired-in package
-- name, we pick the latest version (modern Cabal makes it difficult
-- to install multiple versions of wired-in packages, however!)
-- To override the default choice, -ignore-package could be used to
-- hide newer versions.
-- name, we try to pick the latest version of exposed packages.
-- However, if there are no exposed wired in packages available
-- (e.g. -hide-all-packages was used), we can't bail: we *have*
-- to assign a package for the wired-in package: so we try again
-- with hidden packages included to (and pick the latest
-- version).
-- You can also override the default choice by using -ignore-package:
-- this works even when there is no exposed wired in package
-- available.
findWiredInPackage :: [PackageConfig] -> String
-> IO (Maybe InstalledPackageId)
-> IO (Maybe PackageConfig)
findWiredInPackage pkgs wired_pkg =
let all_ps = [ p | p <- pkgs, p `matches` wired_pkg ] in
case all_ps of
[] -> notfound
many -> pick (head (sortByVersion many))
let all_ps = [ p | p <- pkgs, p `matches` wired_pkg ]
all_exposed_ps =
[ p | p <- all_ps
, elemUFM (packageConfigId p) vis_map ] in
case all_exposed_ps of
[] -> case all_ps of
[] -> notfound
many -> pick (head (sortByVersion many))
many -> pick (head (sortByVersion many))
notfound = do
debugTraceMsg dflags 2 $
......@@ -641,19 +642,20 @@ findWiredInPackages dflags pkgs = do
<> ptext (sLit " not found.")
return Nothing
pick :: PackageConfig
-> IO (Maybe InstalledPackageId)
-> IO (Maybe PackageConfig)
pick pkg = do
debugTraceMsg dflags 2 $
ptext (sLit "wired-in package ")
<> text wired_pkg
<> ptext (sLit " mapped to ")
<> ppr (installedPackageId pkg)
return (Just (installedPackageId pkg))
return (Just pkg)
mb_wired_in_ids <- mapM (findWiredInPackage pkgs) wired_in_pkgids
mb_wired_in_pkgs <- mapM (findWiredInPackage pkgs) wired_in_pkgids
wired_in_ids = catMaybes mb_wired_in_ids
wired_in_pkgs = catMaybes mb_wired_in_pkgs
wired_in_ids = map installedPackageId wired_in_pkgs
-- this is old: we used to assume that if there were
-- multiple versions of wired-in packages installed that
......@@ -677,7 +679,14 @@ findWiredInPackages dflags pkgs = do
| otherwise
= pkg
return $ updateWiredInDependencies pkgs
updateVisibilityMap vis_map = foldl' f vis_map wired_in_pkgs
where f vm p = case lookupUFM vis_map (packageConfigId p) of
Nothing -> vm
Just r -> addToUFM vm (stringToPackageKey
(packageNameString p)) r
return (updateWiredInDependencies pkgs, updateVisibilityMap vis_map)
-- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
......@@ -909,9 +918,9 @@ mkPackageState dflags0 pkgs0 preload0 this_package = do
initial = if gopt Opt_HideAllPackages dflags
then emptyUFM
else foldl' calcInitial emptyUFM pkgs1
vis_map0 = foldUFM (\p vm ->
vis_map1 = foldUFM (\p vm ->
if exposed p
then addToUFM vm (calcKey p)
then addToUFM vm (packageConfigId p)
(True, [], fsPackageName p)
else vm)
emptyUFM initial
......@@ -922,15 +931,16 @@ mkPackageState dflags0 pkgs0 preload0 this_package = do
-- This needs to know about the unusable packages, since if a user tries
-- to enable an unusable package, we should let them know.
(pkgs2, vis_map) <- foldM (applyPackageFlag dflags unusable)
(pkgs1, vis_map0) other_flags
(pkgs2, vis_map2) <- foldM (applyPackageFlag dflags unusable)
(pkgs1, vis_map1) other_flags
-- Sort out which packages are wired in. This has to be done last, since
-- it modifies the package keys of wired in packages, but when we process
-- package arguments we need to key against the old versions.
-- package arguments we need to key against the old versions. We also
-- have to update the visibility map in the process.
pkgs3 <- findWiredInPackages dflags pkgs2
(pkgs3, vis_map) <- findWiredInPackages dflags pkgs2 vis_map2
-- Here we build up a set of the packages mentioned in -package
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