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[project @ 2001-12-20 09:18:09 by simonpj]

Update expected output
parent d1e58b6c
Type constructor or class not in scope: `B'
tcfail051.hs:3: Type constructor or class not in scope: `B'
Variable not in scope: `op1'
Duplicate instance declarations:
tcfail056.hs:5: Eq Foo
tcfail056.hs:8: Eq Foo
tcfail056.hs:10: Variable not in scope: `<='
-- !!! no type variable on a context
-- !!! reported by Sigbjorn Finne
module ShouldFail where
moby :: Num => Int -> a -> Int
moby x y = x+y
tcfail063.hs:4: Illegal class assertion
Couldn't match `*' against `* -> *'
Expected kind: *
Inferred kind: * -> *
When checking kinds in `Num'
In the type: forall a. (Num) => Int -> a -> Int
While checking the type signature for `moby'
Can't derive any instances for type `Ex'
because it has existentially-quantified constructor(s)
Can't make a derived instance of `Eq Ex'
(it has existentially-quantified constructor(s))
When deriving classes for `Ex'
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