Commit 1fc4f8ef authored by ross's avatar ross
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[project @ 2004-11-11 15:00:27 by ross]

added more module tests from the Hugs testsuite, and merged mod200 into
mod154, which tests the same thing.
parent 059028be
module Mod136_A (module List) where
import qualified List
module Mod137_A (module Char) where
import Char
import List as Char
module Mod138_A (module Char) where
import qualified Char
import List as Char
module Mod139_A where
data Foo = Bar
class C a where
m1 :: a -> Int
instance C Int where
m1 _ = 2
x = 'x'
module Mod139_B ( module A ) where
import Mod139_A as A hiding (C,Foo)
module Mod140_A where
data Foo = Bar
module Mod141_A (partition, module List) where
import List hiding (partition)
partition :: String
partition = "partition"
module Mod143_A where
data Foo = Bar
module Mod145_A where
class C2 a where
m1 :: (a,a) -> Int
module Mod147_A(D) where
data D = D Int
module Mod157_A (T(..)) where
data T = A | B | C
module Mod157_B (T(..)) where
import Mod157_A(T(A))
module Mod157_C(T(..)) where
import Mod157_A(T(B))
module Mod157_D(T(..)) where
import Mod157_B(T(..))
import Mod157_C(T(..))
module Mod159_A (C(..)) where
class C a where
m1 :: a -> Int
m2 :: a -> Int
m3 :: a -> Int
instance C Char where
m1 _ = 1
m2 _ = 2
m3 _ = 3
module Mod159_B (C(..)) where
import Mod159_A(C(m1))
module Mod159_C(C(..)) where
import Mod159_A(C(m2))
module Mod159_D(C(..)) where
import Mod159_B(C(..))
import Mod159_C(C(..))
module Mod162_A where
data T = T
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