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Document the -x flag
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......@@ -122,6 +122,12 @@
<entry><option>-x</option> <replaceable>suffix</replaceable></entry>
<entry>Override default behaviour for source files</entry>
......@@ -515,6 +515,30 @@ ghc -c Foo.hs</screen>
of the compiler, dumping the result in a file. Note that this
differs from the previous behaviour of dumping the file to
standard output.</para>
<sect3 id="overriding-suffixes">
<title>Overriding the default behaviour for a file</title>
<para>As described above, the way in which a file is processed by GHC
depends on its suffix. This behaviour can be overriden using the
<option>-x</option> option:</para>
<term><option>-x</option> <replaceable>suffix</replaceable></term>
<para>Causes all files following this option on the command
line to be processed as if they had the suffix
<replaceable>suffix</replaceable>. For example, to compile a
Haskell module in the file <literal></literal>,
use <literal>ghc -c -x hs</literal>.</para>
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