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Document new -fwarn-type-defaults option.
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...@@ -397,6 +397,21 @@ mention of it in the export list. ...@@ -397,6 +397,21 @@ mention of it in the export list.
This option is on by default. This option is on by default.
<nidx>-fwarn-type-defaults option</nidx>
<nidx>defaulting mechanism, warning</nidx>
Have the compiler warn/inform you where in your source the Haskell
defaulting mechanism for numeric types kicks in. This is useful
information when converting code from a context that assumed one
default into one with another, e.g., the 'default default' for Haskell
1.4 caused the otherwise unconstrained value <tt>1</tt> to be given
the type <tt>Int</tt>, whereas Haskell 98 defaults it to
<tt>Integer</tt>. This may lead to differences in performance and
behaviour, hence the usefulness of being non-silent about this.
This warning is off by default.
<tag>@-fwarn-missing-signatures@:</tag> <tag>@-fwarn-missing-signatures@:</tag>
<nidx>-fwarn-missing-signatures option</nidx> <nidx>-fwarn-missing-signatures option</nidx>
<nidx>type signatures, missing</nidx> <nidx>type signatures, missing</nidx>
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