Commit 23a0ded3 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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We must emit DELTA pseudo-instructions when moving %esp (#5747)

parent dc179f54
......@@ -1744,9 +1744,11 @@ genCCall32 target dest_regs args =
(ImmInt 0)
sz = floatSize w
in toOL [ SUB II32 (OpImm (ImmInt b)) (OpReg esp),
DELTA (delta0 - b),
GST sz fake0 tmp_amode,
MOV sz (OpAddr tmp_amode) (OpReg r_dest),
ADD II32 (OpImm (ImmInt b)) (OpReg esp)]
ADD II32 (OpImm (ImmInt b)) (OpReg esp),
DELTA delta0]
else unitOL (GMOV fake0 r_dest)
| isWord64 ty = toOL [MOV II32 (OpReg eax) (OpReg r_dest),
MOV II32 (OpReg edx) (OpReg r_dest_hi)]
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