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Description of the new HscMain.

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The compilation proper
It's the task of the compilation proper to compile Haskell, hs-boot and
core files to either byte-code, hard-code (C, asm, Java, ect) or to
nothing at all (the module is still parsed and type-checked. This
feature is mostly used by IDE's and the likes).
Compilation can happen in either 'one-shot', 'make', or 'interactive'
mode. 'One-shot' mode targets hard-code, 'make' mode targets hard-code
and nothing, and 'interactive' mode targets byte-code. The modes are
kept separate because of their different types.
In 'one-shot' mode, we're only compiling a single file and can therefore
discard the new ModIface and ModDetails. This is also the reason it only
targets hard-code; compiling to byte-code or nothing doesn't make sense
when we discard the result. 'Make' mode is like 'one-shot' except that we
keep the resulting ModIface and ModDetails. 'Make' mode doesn't target
byte-code since that require us to return the newly compiled byte-code.
'Interactive' mode is similar to 'make' mode except that we return
the compiled byte-code together with the ModIface and ModDetails.
Trying to compile a hs-boot file to byte-code will result in a run-time
error. This is the only thing that isn't caught by the type-system.
data HscResult
-- Compilation failed
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