Commit 24be4bcb authored by's avatar

Fix ohi-sanity-check when we have ways other than v and dyn enabled

It thought that /all/ ways should create the dyn o/hi files, but only
the v way does.
parent c3a9ded0
......@@ -73,7 +73,11 @@ else
# We don't look for the .hi file if this is for a program, as if the
# Main module is in foo.hs then we get foo.o but Main.hi
define ohi-sanity-check
@for f in $4.$($3_osuf) $(if $($1_$2_PROG),,$4.$($3_hisuf)) $(if $(findstring YES,$($1_$2_DYNAMIC_TOO)),$4.$(dyn_osuf) $4.$(dyn_hisuf)); do \
@for f in $4.$($3_osuf) \
$(if $($1_$2_PROG),,$4.$($3_hisuf)) \
$(if $(findstring v,$3), \
$(if $(findstring YES,$($1_$2_DYNAMIC_TOO)), \
$4.$(dyn_osuf) $4.$(dyn_hisuf))); do \
if [ ! -f $$f ]; then \
echo "Panic! $$f not created."; \
exit 1; \
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