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wibbles on mdo-documentation
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......@@ -2671,8 +2671,8 @@ then that monad must be declared an instance of the <literal>MonadFix</literal>
For details, see the above mentioned reference.
The <literal>MonadFix</literal> library automatically declares List, Maybe, IO, and
state monads (both lazy and strict) as instances of the <literal>MonadFix</literal> class.
The following instances of <literal>MonadFix</literal> is automatically provided: List, Maybe, IO, and
state monads (both lazy and strict).
There are three important points in using the recursive-do notation:
......@@ -2689,7 +2689,8 @@ writing a type constraint), then your program should <literal>import Control.Mon
Otherwise, you don't need to import any special libraries to use the mdo-notation. That is,
as long as you only use the predefined instances mentioned above, the mdo-notation will
be automatically available. (Note: This differs from the Hugs implementation, where
<literal>MonadFix</literal> should always be imported.)
<literal>MonadFix</literal> should always be imported.) To be on the safe side, of course, you can
simply import it in all cases.
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