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......@@ -10,8 +10,15 @@
--it's only used in an appropriate pattern of efficiency.
--(it also makes `let`s and `case`s stricter...)
-- | Fast integers, characters and pointer types for use in many parts of GHC
module FastTypes (
FastInt, _ILIT, iBox, iUnbox,
-- * FastInt
-- ** Getting in and out of FastInt
_ILIT, iBox, iUnbox,
-- ** Arithmetic on FastInt
(+#), (-#), (*#), quotFastInt, negateFastInt,
--quotRemFastInt is difficult because unboxed values can't
--be tupled, but unboxed tuples aren't portable. Just use
......@@ -32,11 +39,25 @@ module FastTypes (
bitAndFastInt, bitOrFastInt,
--add more operations to this file as you need them
-- * FastChar
-- ** Getting in and out of FastChar
_CLIT, cBox, cUnbox,
-- ** Operations on FastChar
fastOrd, fastChr, eqFastChar,
--note, fastChr is "unsafe"Chr: it doesn't check for
--character values above the range of Unicode
FastChar, _CLIT, cBox, cUnbox, fastOrd, fastChr, eqFastChar,
FastPtr, pBox, pUnbox, castFastPtr
-- * FastPtr
-- ** Getting in and out of FastPtr
pBox, pUnbox,
-- ** Casting FastPtrs
) where
#include "HsVersions.h"
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