Commit 257165b4 authored by Alp Mestanogullari's avatar Alp Mestanogullari Committed by Marge Bot

Remove duplicates from 'ghc --info' output

parent 5c97211c
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......@@ -5664,10 +5664,6 @@ compilerInfo dflags
("Have interpreter", showBool $ platformMisc_ghcWithInterpreter $ platformMisc dflags),
("Object splitting supported", showBool False),
("Have native code generator", showBool $ platformMisc_ghcWithNativeCodeGen $ platformMisc dflags),
("Support SMP", showBool $ platformMisc_ghcWithSMP $ platformMisc dflags),
("Tables next to code", showBool $ platformMisc_tablesNextToCode $ platformMisc dflags),
("RTS ways", platformMisc_ghcRTSWays $ platformMisc dflags),
("RTS expects libdw", showBool $ platformMisc_ghcRtsWithLibdw $ platformMisc dflags),
-- Whether or not we support @-dynamic-too@
("Support dynamic-too", showBool $ not isWindows),
-- Whether or not we support the @-j@ flag with @--make@.
......@@ -5694,7 +5690,6 @@ compilerInfo dflags
("GHC Dynamic", showBool dynamicGhc),
-- Whether or not GHC was compiled using -prof
("GHC Profiled", showBool rtsIsProfiled),
("Leading underscore", showBool $ platformMisc_leadingUnderscore $ platformMisc dflags),
("Debug on", show debugIsOn),
("LibDir", topDir dflags),
-- The path of the global package database used by GHC
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