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Fix handling of non-in-scope exports (fixes test mod7)

parent f1b54a07
......@@ -30,28 +30,12 @@ import Module
import Name
import NameEnv
import NameSet
import OccName ( srcDataName, pprNonVarNameSpace,
OccEnv, mkOccEnv, mkOccEnv_C, lookupOccEnv,
emptyOccEnv, extendOccEnv )
import HscTypes ( GenAvailInfo(..), AvailInfo, availNames, availName,
HomePackageTable, PackageIfaceTable,
mkPrintUnqualified, availsToNameSet,
Deprecs(..), ModIface(..), Dependencies(..),
lookupIfaceByModule, ExternalPackageState(..)
import RdrName ( RdrName, rdrNameOcc, setRdrNameSpace, Parent(..),
GlobalRdrEnv, mkGlobalRdrEnv, GlobalRdrElt(..),
emptyGlobalRdrEnv, plusGlobalRdrEnv, globalRdrEnvElts,
extendGlobalRdrEnv, lookupGlobalRdrEnv,
lookupGRE_RdrName, lookupGRE_Name,
Provenance(..), ImportSpec(..), ImpDeclSpec(..), ImpItemSpec(..),
importSpecLoc, importSpecModule, isLocalGRE, pprNameProvenance,
unQualSpecOK, qualSpecOK )
import OccName
import HscTypes
import RdrName
import Outputable
import Maybes
import SrcLoc ( Located(..), mkGeneralSrcSpan, getLoc,
unLoc, noLoc, srcLocSpan, SrcSpan )
import SrcLoc
import FiniteMap
import ErrUtils
import BasicTypes ( DeprecTxt )
......@@ -815,14 +799,13 @@ exports_from_avail (Just rdr_items) rdr_env imports this_mod
return (IEVar (gre_name gre), greAvail gre)
lookup_ie (IEThingAbs rdr)
= do name <- lookupGlobalOccRn rdr
case lookupGRE_RdrName rdr rdr_env of
[] -> panic "RnNames.lookup_ie"
elt:_ -> case gre_par elt of
NoParent -> return (IEThingAbs name,
AvailTC name [name])
ParentIs p -> return (IEThingAbs name,
AvailTC p [name])
= do gre <- lookupGreRn rdr
let name = gre_name gre
case gre_par gre of
NoParent -> return (IEThingAbs name,
AvailTC name [name])
ParentIs p -> return (IEThingAbs name,
AvailTC p [name])
lookup_ie ie@(IEThingAll rdr)
= do name <- lookupGlobalOccRn rdr
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