Commit 26bced60 authored by sewardj's avatar sewardj

[project @ 1999-11-04 15:09:09 by sewardj]

Fix wibble in setting of HappyCmd.
parent b1ca0cb3
dnl $Id: aclocal.m4,v 1.44 1999/08/02 13:11:02 simonmar Exp $
dnl $Id: aclocal.m4,v 1.45 1999/11/04 15:09:09 sewardj Exp $
dnl Extra autoconf macros for the Glasgow fptools
......@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ dnl
dnl Check for Happy and version.
[AC_PATH_PROG(HappyCmd,happy,,$PATH ${hardtop}/happy/src)
AC_CACHE_CHECK([for version of happy], fptools_cv_happy_version,
[if test x"$HappyCmd" != x; then
fptools_cv_happy_version="`$HappyCmd -v |
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