Commit 272e1cc8 authored by thomie's avatar thomie

Testsuite: allow spaces in TEST_HC passed in by the user

Don't use the GNU make function 'realpath' (reverting e66a81c6),
because it doesn't handle spaces in paths. Instead, use 'cygpath' to
convert Windows style paths (e.g. C:/foo/) to mingw style paths (e.g.
c/foo/), and then call 'which'.

 * make TEST_HC=ghc
 * make TEST_HC=/d/home/thomie/ghc-validate/bindisttest/install\ \ \ dir/bin/ghc
 * make TEST_HC=D:/home/thomie/ghc-validate/bindisttest/install\ \ \ dir/bin/ghc

Reviewed by: Phyx

Differential Revision:
parent c1bd3d44
......@@ -24,7 +24,9 @@ show:
define canonicalise
# $1 = path variable
$1_CYGPATH := $$(shell $(SHELL) -c "cygpath -m '$$($1)'" 2> /dev/null)
# Don't use 'cygpath -m', because it doesn't change drive letters to
# something 'which' can understand.
$1_CYGPATH := $$(shell $(SHELL) -c "cygpath '$$($1)'" 2> /dev/null)
ifneq "$$($1_CYGPATH)" ""
# We use 'override' in case we are trying to update a value given on
# the commandline (e.g. TEST_HC)
......@@ -121,25 +123,19 @@ else
# We want to support both "ghc" and "/usr/bin/ghc" as values of TEST_HC
# passed in by the user, but
# which ghc == /usr/bin/ghc
# which /usr/bin/ghc == /usr/bin/ghc
# so on unix-like platforms we can just always 'which' it.
# However, on cygwin, we can't just use which:
# $ which c:/ghc/ghc-7.4.1/bin/ghc.exe
# which: no ghc.exe in (./c:/ghc/ghc-7.4.1/bin)
# so we start off by using realpath, and if that succeeds then we use
# that value. Otherwise we fall back on 'which'.
# As values of TEST_HC passed in by the user, we want to support:
# * both "ghc" and "/usr/bin/ghc"
# We use 'which' to convert the former to the latter.
# * both "C:/path/to/ghc.exe" and "/c/path/to/ghc.exe"
# We use 'cygpath' to convert the former to the latter, because
# 'which' can't handle paths starting with a drive letter.
# * paths that contain spaces
# So we can't use the GNU make function 'realpath'.
# Note also that we need to use 'override' in order to override a
# value given on the commandline.
TEST_HC_REALPATH := $(realpath $(TEST_HC))
ifeq "$(TEST_HC_REALPATH)" ""
$(eval $(call canonicaliseExecutable,TEST_HC))
override TEST_HC := $(shell which '$(TEST_HC)')
endif # "$(TEST_HC)" ""
# We can't use $(dir ...) here as TEST_HC might be in a path
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