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Synced wrt current Makefile setup
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......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ and a files which specify ghc's expected error output (reader001.stderr).
"make reader001.runtest" will compile reader001.hs using ghc and compare
the resulting output with that specified in the file reader001.stderr.
"make runtests" run all tests.
"make all" run all tests.
......@@ -22,21 +22,27 @@ To add a new test copy your Haskell program into an appropriately named
file in the appropriate directory (for example, "typecheck/tc093.hs" for
the 93rd typechecker test).
Edit the Makefile in that directory to add your test. Most directories
have some flags which are set for every test (RUNSTDTEST_OPTS), but you can
also set some extra per-file runtest flags (to control the output of ghc,
for instance). Just set ttc093_flags to the flags you want.
If the test needs to set the compiler options to something other than
the default for the directory, either modify the SRC_HC_OPTS (applies
to all tests in that directory), or set some extra per-file compiler
options. For example,
For example,
tc093_flags = -noC -ddump-tc -x1
tc093_HC_OPTS = -noC -ddump-tc
-noC tells not bother generating any C (not point in doing that, since we
only want to test the typechecker). -ddump-tc tells ghc to dump the
typechcker state, while -x1 tells runtest that the expected exit code is 1,
not 0 (the default).
typechecker state.
Depending on the tests/ subdirectory, a default exit code is
expected from all tests therein, normally 0 (==success).
Per-file options to the runtests script can be set as follows
tc093_RUNTEST_OPTS = -x 1
telling the test script that the compiler is expected to fail
on tc093.
"touch" the file tc093.stderr. "make tc093.runtest" will then build
tc093.runtest and fail (because the expected output doesn't match the empty
"touch" the file tc093.stderr. "make tc093.o" will then run
the compiler and fail (because the expected output doesn't match the empty
tc093.stderr). However, it is then easy to update tc093.stderr with the
stuff printed out during "make tc093.runtest".
stuff printed out during "make tc093.o".
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