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[project @ 1999-08-20 13:12:18 by simonpj]

Change the renamer namesuppy for instance decls, so that
it is indexed by the class/tycon *string* rather than the
class/tycon pair. That way (C,TT) and (CT,T) both give
the string "CTT", and hence give a different unique.

An alternative would have been to use "C/TT" and "CT/T"
respectively, but that would mean obscure errors while everyone
remembered to recompile everything.  So this seems more direct.

Julian reported this bug.
parent 87012672
......@@ -304,18 +304,16 @@ mkSuperDictSelOcc index cls_occ
mkDFunOcc :: OccName -- class, eg "Ord"
-> OccName -- tycon (or something convenient from the instance type)
-- eg "Maybe"
-> Int -- Unique to distinguish dfuns which share the previous two
-- eg 3
-> OccName -- "dOrdMaybe3"
mkDFunOcc cls_occ tycon_occ index
= mk_deriv VarName "$f" (show_index ++ cls_str ++ tycon_str)
mkDFunOcc :: EncodedString -- Typically the class and type glommed together e.g. "OrdMaybe"
-> Int -- Unique to distinguish dfuns which share the previous two
-- eg 3
-- The requirement is that the (string,index) pair be unique in this module
-> OccName -- "$fOrdMaybe3"
mkDFunOcc string index
= mk_deriv VarName "$f" (show_index ++ string)
cls_str = occNameString cls_occ
tycon_str = occNameString tycon_occ
show_index | index == 0 = ""
| otherwise = show index
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ import Name ( Name, Provenance(..), ExportFlag(..), NamedThing(..),
import NameSet
import OccName ( OccName,
mkDFunOcc, occNameUserString,
mkDFunOcc, occNameUserString, occNameString,
import TysWiredIn ( tupleTyCon, unboxedTupleTyCon, listTyCon )
......@@ -168,8 +168,11 @@ Make a name for the dict fun for an instance decl
newDFunName :: (OccName, OccName) -> SrcLoc -> RnMS Name
newDFunName key@(cl_occ, tycon_occ) loc
= newInstUniq key `thenRn` \ inst_uniq ->
newImplicitBinder (mkDFunOcc cl_occ tycon_occ inst_uniq) loc
= newInstUniq string `thenRn` \ inst_uniq ->
newImplicitBinder (mkDFunOcc string inst_uniq) loc
-- Any string that is somewhat unique will do
string = occNameString cl_occ ++ occNameString tycon_occ
......@@ -197,12 +197,14 @@ type FixityEnv = NameEnv RenamedFixitySig
type RnNameSupply
= ( UniqSupply
, FiniteMap (OccName, OccName) Int
, FiniteMap String Int
-- This is used as a name supply for dictionary functions
-- From the inst decl we derive a (class, tycon) pair;
-- From the inst decl we derive a string, usually by glomming together
-- the class and tycon name -- but it doesn't matter exactly how;
-- this map then gives a unique int for each inst decl with that
-- (class, tycon) pair. (In Haskell 98 there can only be one,
-- but not so in more extended versions.)
-- string. (In Haskell 98 there can only be one,
-- but not so in more extended versions; also class CC type T
-- and class C type TT might both give the string CCT
-- We could just use one Int for all the instance decls, but this
-- way the uniques change less when you add an instance decl,
......@@ -615,7 +617,7 @@ setNameSupplyRn names' (RnDown {rn_ns = names_var}) l_down
= writeIORef names_var names'
-- See comments with RnNameSupply above.
newInstUniq :: (OccName, OccName) -> RnM d Int
newInstUniq :: String -> RnM d Int
newInstUniq key (RnDown {rn_ns = names_var}) l_down
= readIORef names_var >>= \ (us, mapInst, cache) ->
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