Commit 2e9fee40 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Remove some hardcoded makefile settings

Now that we used cabal to configure the ghc-bin package they are no
longer needed.
parent a59f5d65
......@@ -35,6 +35,8 @@ Executable ghc
Build-Depends: unix
C-Sources: hschooks.c
GHC-Options: -Wall
if flag(ghci)
CPP-Options: -DGHCI
......@@ -52,29 +52,10 @@ ifeq "$(GhcProfiled)" "YES"
ghc_stage2_MORE_HC_OPTS += -prof
ghc_stage1_MODULES = Main
ghc_stage2_MODULES = $(ghc_stage1_MODULES)
ifeq "$(GhcWithInterpreter)" "YES"
ghc_stage2_MODULES += GhciMonad GhciTags InteractiveUI
ghc_stage3_MODULES = $(ghc_stage2_MODULES)
ghc_stage1_C_SRCS = hschooks.c
ghc_stage2_C_SRCS = hschooks.c
ghc_stage3_C_SRCS = hschooks.c
ghc_stage1_PROG = ghc-stage1$(exeext)
ghc_stage2_PROG = ghc-stage2$(exeext)
ghc_stage3_PROG = ghc-stage3$(exeext)
# ToDo: perhaps use ghc-cabal to configure ghc-bin
ghc_stage1_MORE_HC_OPTS += -package $(compiler_PACKAGE)-$(compiler_stage1_VERSION)
ghc_stage2_MORE_HC_OPTS += -package $(compiler_PACKAGE)-$(compiler_stage2_VERSION)
ghc_stage3_MORE_HC_OPTS += -package $(compiler_PACKAGE)-$(compiler_stage3_VERSION)
ghc_stage2_MORE_HC_OPTS += -package haskeline
ghc_stage3_MORE_HC_OPTS += -package haskeline
ghc_stage1_SHELL_WRAPPER = YES
ghc_stage2_SHELL_WRAPPER = YES
ghc_stage3_SHELL_WRAPPER = YES
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