Commit 2f6e73fc authored by desrt's avatar desrt
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[project @ 2004-11-22 09:18:03 by desrt]

#ifdef powerpc64:
fixed errors in run/return code revealed by testing
parent 0a565be5
......@@ -654,9 +654,20 @@ static void StgRunIsImplementedInAssembler(void)
// r13 thread local state (never modified, don't need to save)
// r14-r31 callee-save
__asm__ volatile (
"\t.globl StgRun\n"
"\t.type StgRun,@function\n"
".section \".opd\",\"aw\"\n"
".align 3\n"
".globl StgRun\n"
"\t.size StgRun,24\n"
".globl StgReturn\n"
"\t.size StgReturn,24\n"
".globl .StgRun\n"
".type .StgRun,@function\n"
"\tmflr 0\n"
"\tmr 5, 1\n"
"\tstd 0, 16(1)\n"
......@@ -703,9 +714,9 @@ static void StgRunIsImplementedInAssembler(void)
"\tld 3, 0(3)\n"
"\tmtctr 3\n"
".globl StgReturn\n"
"\t.type StgReturn,@function\n"
".globl .StgReturn\n"
".type .StgReturn,@function\n"
"\tmr 3,14\n"
"\tla 5, %0(1)\n" // load address == addi r5, r1, %0
"\tld 2, -296(5)\n"
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