Commit 3104fac1 authored by David Himmelstrup's avatar David Himmelstrup
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Fix bug #763: Breakpoint mechanism crashes when there's a type error.

parent 0fa697bc
...@@ -152,9 +152,9 @@ initTc hsc_env hsc_src mod do_this ...@@ -152,9 +152,9 @@ initTc hsc_env hsc_src mod do_this
= mkGlobalId VanillaGlobal breakpointCondJumpName = mkGlobalId VanillaGlobal breakpointCondJumpName
(basicType (FunTy boolTy)) vanillaIdInfo; (basicType (FunTy boolTy)) vanillaIdInfo;
new_env = mkNameEnv [(breakpointJumpName new_env = mkNameEnv [(breakpointJumpName
, AGlobal (AnId breakpointJumpType)) , ATcId breakpointJumpType topLevel False)
,(breakpointCondJumpName ,(breakpointCondJumpName
, AGlobal (AnId breakpointCondJumpType))]; , ATcId breakpointCondJumpType topLevel False)];
}; };
r <- tryM (updLclEnv (\gbl -> gbl{tcl_env=new_env}) do_this) r <- tryM (updLclEnv (\gbl -> gbl{tcl_env=new_env}) do_this)
#else #else
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