Commit 31d5b6ef authored by Facundo Domínguez's avatar Facundo Domínguez

fixup! Stop the simplifier from removing StaticPtr binds.

parent 017d11e0
......@@ -1115,7 +1115,8 @@ newLvlVar lvld_rhs is_bot
rhs_ty = exprType de_tagged_rhs
mk_id uniq
-- See Note [Grand plan for static forms] in SimplCore.
| isJust (collectStaticPtrSatArgs lvld_rhs)
| isJust $ collectStaticPtrSatArgs $ snd $ collectTyBinders $
deTagExpr lvld_rhs
= mkExportedVanillaId (mkSystemVarName uniq (mkFastString "static_ptr"))
| otherwise
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