Commit 32b906ef authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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always try to remove the new file before restoring the old one (#1963)

parent 18b15542
......@@ -693,17 +693,16 @@ savingOldConfig filename io = Exception.block $ do
`Exception.catch` \e -> do
hPutStr stdout ("WARNING: an error was encountered while writing "
++ "the new configuration.\n")
if restore_on_error
then do
-- remove any partially complete new version:
try (removeFile filename)
-- and attempt to restore the old one, if we had one:
when restore_on_error $ do
hPutStr stdout "Attempting to restore the old configuration... "
do renameFile oldFile filename
hPutStrLn stdout "done."
`catch` \err -> hPutStrLn stdout ("Failed: " ++ show err)
else do
-- file did not exist before, so the new one which
-- might be partially complete.
try (removeFile filename)
return ()
-- Note the above renameFile sometimes fails on Windows with
-- "permission denied", I have no idea why --SDM.
Exception.throwIO e
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