Commit 3508b68f authored by thomie's avatar thomie

Remove mention of `-unreg` in error message

The `-unreg` flag was removed in commit dade8ab2 (2007), see #1008.

parent fad7bb0b
......@@ -315,7 +315,7 @@ checkOptions mode dflags srcs objs = do
when ((filter (not . wayRTSOnly) (ways dflags) /= interpWays)
&& isInterpretiveMode mode) $
do throwGhcException (UsageError
"--interactive can't be used with -prof or -unreg.")
"--interactive can't be used with -prof.")
-- -ohi sanity check
if (isJust (outputHi dflags) &&
(isCompManagerMode mode || srcs `lengthExceeds` 1))
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