Commit 3568bf3f authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Do not share T9878.hs between test T9878 and T9878b

I think the sharing was giving a race condition in the test suite;
I got a failure from validate which went away when I ran the tests
parent 1d982ba1
{-# LANGUAGE StaticPointers #-}
module T9878b where
import GHC.StaticPtr
f = deRefStaticPtr (static True)
...@@ -204,5 +204,5 @@ test('T9878', ...@@ -204,5 +204,5 @@ test('T9878',
ghci_script, ['T9878.script']) ghci_script, ['T9878.script'])
test('T9878b', test('T9878b',
[ extra_run_opts('-fobject-code'), [ extra_run_opts('-fobject-code'),
extra_clean(['T9878.hi','T9878.o'])], extra_clean(['T9878b.hi','T9878b.o'])],
ghci_script, ['T9878b.script']) ghci_script, ['T9878b.script'])
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