Commit 3672cf6d authored by Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari 🐢

testsuite: Bump timeout multiplier for T11195

This test has been occassionally failing on the Darwin build bot for some time

(cherry picked from commit b3a4dd1152884ff1240824137eca0a49cb6e5a2c)
parent e134af01
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ test('T11303', normal, compile, ['-fwarn-incomplete-patterns -fwarn-overlapping-
test('T11276', compile_timeout_multiplier(0.01), compile, ['-fwarn-incomplete-patterns -fwarn-overlapping-patterns +RTS -M1G -RTS'])
test('T11303b', compile_timeout_multiplier(0.01), compile, ['-fwarn-incomplete-patterns -fwarn-overlapping-patterns +RTS -M1G -RTS'])
test('T11374', compile_timeout_multiplier(0.01), compile, ['-fwarn-incomplete-patterns -fwarn-overlapping-patterns +RTS -M1G -RTS'])
test('T11195', compile_timeout_multiplier(0.50), compile, ['-package ghc -fwarn-incomplete-patterns -fwarn-overlapping-patterns +RTS -M2G -RTS'])
test('T11195', compile_timeout_multiplier(0.60), compile, ['-package ghc -fwarn-incomplete-patterns -fwarn-overlapping-patterns +RTS -M2G -RTS'])
# Other tests
test('pmc001', [], compile,
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