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[project @ 1997-05-26 04:40:36 by sof]

Removed the use of instances, made the ppr function explicit instead (pprExpr)
parent 6be2543b
_interface_ HsExpr 1
HsExpr HsExpr Stmt;
instance _forall_ [a b c d] => {Outputable.Outputable (HsExpr a b c d)} = $d1;
instance _forall_ [a b c d] => {Outputable.Outputable (Stmt a b c d)} = $d2;
HsExpr HsExpr pprExpr ;
1 $d1 _:_ _forall_ [a b c d] => {Outputable.Outputable (HsExpr a b c d)} ;;
1 $d2 _:_ _forall_ [a b c d] => {Outputable.Outputable (Stmt a b c d)} ;;
1 data HsExpr a b c d;
1 data Stmt a b c d;
1 pprExpr _:_ _forall_ [a b c d] {Name.NamedThing c, Outputable.Outputable c,
Outputable.Outputable d, PrelBase.Eq a,
Outputable.Outputable a, PrelBase.Eq b, Outputable.Outputable b}
=> Outputable.PprStyle -> HsExpr a b c d -> Pretty.Doc ;;
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