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[project @ 1999-03-22 10:39:59 by simonpj]

Fix the HsForAll case in TcMonoType.tc_type_kind so that it
permits types like

	f :: forall a. Num a => (# a->a, a->a #)

Previously it insisted that the body of a for-all was a boxed
type, but 'f' makes perfect sense, and indeed occurs in interface
files as a result of CPR analysis.
parent 766ee832
......@@ -155,9 +155,19 @@ tc_type_kind (MonoDictTy class_name tys)
tc_type_kind (HsForAllTy (Just tv_names) context ty)
= tcExtendTyVarScope tv_names $ \ tyvars ->
tcContext context `thenTc` \ theta ->
tc_boxed_type ty `thenTc` \ tau ->
-- Body of a for-all is a boxed type!
returnTc (boxedTypeKind, mkSigmaTy tyvars theta tau)
case theta of
[] -> -- No context, so propagate body type
tc_type_kind ty `thenTc` \ (kind, tau) ->
returnTc (kind, mkSigmaTy tyvars [] tau)
other -> -- Context; behave like a function type
-- This matters. Return-unboxed-tuple analysis can
-- give overloaded functions like
-- f :: forall a. Num a => (# a->a, a->a #)
-- And we want these to get through the type checker
tc_type ty `thenTc` \ tau ->
returnTc (boxedTypeKind, mkSigmaTy tyvars theta tau)
Help functions for type applications
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