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......@@ -159,34 +159,42 @@ vectExpr lc (_, AnnType ty)
= do
vty <- vectType ty
return (Type vty, Type vty)
vectExpr lc (_, AnnVar v) = vectVar lc v
vectExpr lc (_, AnnLit lit)
= do
let vexpr = Lit lit
lexpr <- replicateP vexpr lc
return (vexpr, lexpr)
vectExpr lc (_, AnnNote note expr)
= do
(vexpr, lexpr) <- vectExpr lc expr
return (Note note vexpr, Note note lexpr)
vectExpr lc e@(_, AnnApp _ arg)
| isAnnTypeArg arg
= vectTyAppExpr lc fn tys
(fn, tys) = collectAnnTypeArgs e
vectExpr lc (_, AnnApp fn arg)
= do
fn' <- vectExpr lc fn
arg' <- vectExpr lc arg
capply fn' arg'
vectExpr lc (_, AnnCase expr bndr ty alts)
= panic "vectExpr: case"
vectExpr lc (_, AnnLet (AnnNonRec bndr rhs) body)
= do
(vrhs, lrhs) <- vectPolyExpr lc rhs
(vbndr, lbndr, (vbody, lbody)) <- vectBndrIn bndr (vectExpr lc body)
return (Let (NonRec vbndr vrhs) vbody,
Let (NonRec lbndr lrhs) lbody)
vectExpr lc (_, AnnLet (AnnRec prs) body)
= do
(vbndrs, lbndrs, (vrhss, vbody, lrhss, lbody)) <- vectBndrsIn bndrs vect
......@@ -199,6 +207,7 @@ vectExpr lc (_, AnnLet (AnnRec prs) body)
(vrhss, lrhss) <- mapAndUnzipM (vectExpr lc) rhss
(vbody, lbody) <- vectPolyExpr lc body
return (vrhss, vbody, lrhss, lbody)
vectExpr lc e@(_, AnnLam bndr body)
| isTyVar bndr = pprPanic "vectExpr" (ppr $ deAnnotate e)
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