Commit 397ef49c authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2005-04-03 22:06:15 by simonmar]

x86_64: some small optimisations to instruction selection, taking
advantage of automatic zero-extension of 32-bit results.
parent 728126ee
......@@ -1216,11 +1216,35 @@ getRegister (CmmLoad mem pk)
getRegister (CmmLit (CmmInt 0 rep))
= let
-- x86_64: 32-bit xor is one byte shorter, and zero-extends to 64 bits
adj_rep = case rep of I64 -> I32; _ -> rep
rep1 = IF_ARCH_i386( rep, adj_rep )
code dst
= unitOL (XOR rep (OpReg dst) (OpReg dst))
= unitOL (XOR rep1 (OpReg dst) (OpReg dst))
return (Any rep code)
#if x86_64_TARGET_ARCH
-- optimisation for loading small literals on x86_64: take advantage
-- of the automatic zero-extension from 32 to 64 bits, because the 32-bit
-- instruction forms are shorter.
getRegister (CmmLit lit)
| I64 <- cmmLitRep lit, not (isBigLit lit)
= let
imm = litToImm lit
code dst = unitOL (MOV I32 (OpImm imm) (OpReg dst))
return (Any I64 code)
isBigLit (CmmInt i I64) = i < 0 || i > 0xffffffff
isBigLit _ = False
-- note1: not the same as is64BitLit, because that checks for
-- signed literals that fit in 32 bits, but we want unsigned
-- literals here.
-- note2: all labels are small, because we're assuming the
-- small memory model (see gcc docs, -mcmodel=small).
getRegister (CmmLit lit)
= let
rep = cmmLitRep lit
......@@ -2026,6 +2050,8 @@ getRegOrMem e = do
#if x86_64_TARGET_ARCH
is64BitLit (CmmInt i I64) = i > 0x7fffffff || i < -0x80000000
-- assume that labels are in the range 0-2^31-1: this assumes the
-- small memory model (see gcc docs, -mcmodel=small).
is64BitLit x = False
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