Commit 3a40456f authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Make "sync-all pull --rebase" work

By filtering out the --rebase when fetching submodules
parent 31d771be
......@@ -380,15 +380,19 @@ sub scmall {
elsif ($command eq "pull") {
my $realcmd;
my @realargs;
if ($remotepath eq "-") {
# Only fetch for the submodules. "git submodule update"
# will take care of making us point to the right commit.
$realcmd = "fetch";
# we like "sync-all pull --rebase" to work:
@realargs = grep(!/--rebase/,@args);
else {
$realcmd = "pull";
@realargs = @args;
scm ($localpath, $scm, $realcmd, @args);
scm ($localpath, $scm, $realcmd, @realargs);
elsif ($command eq "new-workdir") {
gitNewWorkdir ($localpath, @args);
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