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sync with reality slightly.
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......@@ -16,20 +16,19 @@ More information on GHC can be found on its web page
GHC documentation of interest:
* docs/installing.{dvi,html}: How to configure, build, and
install the system.
In a binary distribution, pre-formatted documentation can be found in
the html and ps directories. Pre-formatted HTML documentation is also
available on the GHC web page.
The document, as with many others, is in TeX-produced DVI format
(.dvi suffix), or HTML.
In a source distribution, the unformatted (SGML) documentation is in
the following places:
* ghc/docs/users_guide/user.{dvi,html}: How to use GHC; e.g., what
options are available, how to cope with common problems, how to use
the profiling facilities, etc.
* ghc/docs/libraries/libs.{dvi,html}: Several libraries that are
provided by both GHC and Hugs.
* fptools/ghc/docs/users_guide Users' Guide.
* hslibs/doc/hslibs Library documentation.
* fptools/docs Build System Guide.
We welcome your comments and suggestions about this software! Please
do not suffer or grumble in silence. The "bug reports" section of the
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