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Fix users_guide markup

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......@@ -4356,7 +4356,7 @@ allows you to do so. For example:
data T a = MkT a a
instance Eq a => Eq (T a) where
(==) :: T a -> T a -> Bool -- The signature
(==) (MkT x1 x2) (MkTy y1 y2) = x1==y1 && x2==y2
(==) (MkT x1 x2) (MkTy y1 y2) = x1==y1 && x2==y2
The type signature in the instance declaration must be precisely the same as
the one in the class declaration, instantiated with the instance type.
......@@ -4377,7 +4377,7 @@ instance C a => C (T a) where
Provided that you also specify <option>-XScopedTypeVariables</option>
(<xref linkend="scoped-type-variables"/>),
the <literal>forall b</forall> scopes over the definition of <literal>foo</literal>,
the <literal>forall b</literal> scopes over the definition of <literal>foo</literal>,
and in particular over the type signature for <literal>xs</literal>.
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