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Two win32 wibbles
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......@@ -258,6 +258,16 @@
from the access control list. Don't leave them there but
deny them access, because 'they' may be a list that
includes you!</para>
<para>[March 2003] In fact <command>ssh</command> 3.6.1 now seems to <emphasis>require</emphasis>
you to have Unix permissions 600 (read/write for owner only)
on the <literal>.ssh/identity</literal> file, else it
bombs out. For your local C drive, it seems that <literal>chmod 600 identity</literal> works,
but on Windows NT/XP, it doesn't work on a network drive (exact dteails obscure).
The solution seems to be to set the CYGWIN environment
variable to "<literal>ntsec neta</literal>". The CYGWIN environment variable is discussed
in <ulink url="">the Cygwin User's Guide</ulink>,
and there are more details in <ulink url="">the Cygwin FAQ</ulink>.
......@@ -4197,9 +4207,13 @@ but you do need it to <emphasis>build</emphasis> GHC.</para>
<para> Install Cygwin from <ulink url=""></ulink>.
The installation process is straightforward; we install it in <Filename>c:/cygwin</Filename>.
Both <command>cvs</command> and <command>ssh</command>
come with Cygwin, but you'll need them, so make sure you select them when running
the Cygwin installer.
During the installation dialogue, make sure that you select:
<command>cvs</command>, <command>openssh</command>,
<command>binutils</command> (includes ld and (I think) ar),
<para> Now set the following user environment variables:
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