Commit 3b9be226 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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When checking associated type instances, check that

the *type* indices match those of the class instance.
We don't need to track tke kind indices, and indeed
thay don't have the same careful name scoping.
See the notes in checkValidClass.

Fixes Trac #7073
parent 75a3c1bc
......@@ -1484,14 +1484,29 @@ checkValidClass cls
; tcAddDefaultAssocDeclCtxt (tyConName fam_tc) $
mapM_ (check_loc_at_def fam_tc) defs }
-- Check that the index of the type instance is the same as on
-- its parent class. Eg
-- class C a b where
-- type F b x a ::*
-- instnace C Int Bool where
-- type F Bool Char Int = Int
-- type F Bool Bool Int = Bool
-- Here the first and third args should match
-- the (C Int Bool) header
-- This is not to do with soundness; it's just checking that the
-- type instance arg is the sam
check_loc_at_def fam_tc (ATD _tvs pats _rhs loc)
-- Set the location for each of the default declarations
= setSrcSpan loc $ zipWithM_ check_arg (tyConTyVars fam_tc) pats
-- We only want to check this on the *class* TyVars,
-- not the *family* TyVars (there may be more of these)
-- Nor do we want to check kind vars, for which we don't enforce
-- the "same name as parent" rule as we do for type variables
-- c.f. Trac #7073
check_arg fam_tc_tv at_ty
= checkTc ( not (fam_tc_tv `elem` tyvars)
= checkTc ( isKindVar fam_tc_tv
|| not (fam_tc_tv `elem` tyvars)
|| mkTyVarTy fam_tc_tv `eqType` at_ty)
(wrongATArgErr at_ty (mkTyVarTy fam_tc_tv))
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