Commit 3c0dab5b authored by AndreasVoellmy's avatar AndreasVoellmy Committed by tibbe

Improve comment on GHC.Event.Manager.closeFd_.

Making this comment stand alone and not reference the comment on closeFd.
parent 63981cb6
......@@ -353,7 +353,7 @@ closeFd mgr close fd = do
return (newMap, fds)
forM_ fds $ \(FdData reg ev cb) -> cb reg (ev `mappend` evtClose)
-- | Does everything that closeFd does, except for updating the callback tables.
-- | Close a file descriptor in a race-safe way.
-- It assumes the caller will update the callback tables and that the caller
-- holds the callback table lock for the fd.
closeFd_ :: EventManager -> IM.IntMap [FdData] -> Fd -> IO (IM.IntMap [FdData])
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