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Use nm-classic instead of nm when host is Darwin

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......@@ -43,14 +43,6 @@ runs the `boot` and `configure` scripts automatically on the first build, so tha
need to. Use `--skip-configure` to suppress this behaviour (see overview of command line
flags below).
* Also note on OS X newer versions of XCode ship with a broken `nm` tool
([#11744]( One way to mitigate the
problem is to add the following into your `UserSettings.hs`:
userArgs :: Args
userArgs = builder (Configure ".") ? arg "--with-nm=$(xcrun --find nm-classic)"
Using the build system
Once your first build is successful, simply run `build` to rebuild. Most build artefacts
module Settings.Builders.Configure (configureBuilderArgs) where
import qualified System.Info as System
import Base
import Oracles.Config.Setting
import Oracles.WindowsPath
......@@ -23,4 +25,9 @@ configureBuilderArgs = mconcat
, "--enable-static=yes"
, "--enable-shared=no" -- TODO: add support for yes
, "--host=" ++ targetPlatform ]
-- On OS X, use "nm-classic" instead of "nm" due to a bug in the later.
-- See
, builder (Configure ".") ? System.os == "darwin" ?
arg "--with-nm=$(xcrun --find nm-classic)"
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