Commit 3c7b172b authored by James Brock's avatar James Brock Committed by Marge Bot
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docs String, hyperlink to Data.List

Add a reference to the documentation for Data.List in the description
for String.

On the generated Haddock for Data.String,

there is curently no hyperlink to Data.List, which is where a reader will find most of the useful functions which can operate on Strings. I imagine this has confused beginners who came to this page looking for String operations.
parent 8a254d6b
......@@ -1311,6 +1311,7 @@ otherwise = True
-- | A 'String' is a list of characters. String constants in Haskell are values
-- of type 'String'.
-- See "Data.List" for operations on lists.
type String = [Char]
unsafeChr :: Int -> Char
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