Commit 3d345c96 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones Committed by Marge Bot

Eta-expand the Simplifier monad

This patch eta-expands the Simplifier's monad, using the method
explained in GHC.Core.Unify Note [The one-shot state monad trick].
It's part of the exta-expansion programme in #18202.

It's a tiny patch, but is worth a 1-2% reduction in bytes-allocated
by the compiler.  Here's the list, based on the compiler-performance
tests in perf/compiler:

                    Reduction in bytes allocated
   T10858(normal)      -0.7%
   T12425(optasm)      -1.3%
   T13056(optasm)      -1.8%
   T14683(normal)      -1.1%
   T15164(normal)      -1.3%
   T15630(normal)      -1.4%
   T17516(normal)      -2.3%
   T18282(normal)      -1.6%
   T18304(normal)      -0.8%
   T1969(normal)       -0.6%
   T4801(normal)       -0.8%
   T5321FD(normal)     -0.7%
   T5321Fun(normal)    -0.5%
   T5642(normal)       -0.9%
   T6048(optasm)       -1.1%
   T9020(optasm)       -2.7%
   T9233(normal)       -0.7%
   T9675(optasm)       -0.5%
   T9961(normal)       -2.9%
   WWRec(normal)       -1.2%

Metric Decrease:
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