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Remove "install in-place" blurb from the docs as it no longer works

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......@@ -83,20 +83,6 @@ bundle and typing <literal>./configure</literal>. That should convert
<literal></literal> to <literal>Makefile-vars</literal>.
<indexterm><primary>installing in-place</primary></indexterm>
<indexterm><primary>in-place installation</primary></indexterm>
You can now either start using the tools <emphasis>in-situ</emphasis> without going
through any installation process, just type <literal>make in-place</literal> to set the
tools up for this. You'll also want to add the path which <literal>make</literal> will
now echo to your <literal>PATH</literal> environment variable. This option is useful if
you simply want to try out the package and/or you don't have the
necessary privileges (or inclination) to properly install the tools
locally. Note that if you do decide to install the package `properly'
at a later date, you have to go through the installation steps that
To install a package, you'll have to do the following:
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