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Do not call preInlineUnconditionally in simplNonRecX

This looks to me like a long-standing bug. simplNonRecX was calling
preInlineUnconditionally, even though it was given an already-simplified
expression.  Exponential behaviour beckons.
parent 80965661
......@@ -364,6 +364,7 @@ simplNonRecX env bndr new_rhs thing_inside
let body' = wrapFloats floats body in
returnSmpl (emptyFloats env, Case new_rhs bndr' (exprType body') [(DEFAULT, [], body')])
{- No, no, no! Do not try preInlineUnconditionally
| preInlineUnconditionally env NotTopLevel bndr new_rhs
-- This happens; for example, the case_bndr during case of
-- known constructor: case (a,b) of x { (p,q) -> ... }
......@@ -374,6 +375,7 @@ simplNonRecX env bndr new_rhs thing_inside
-- e.g. case (f x, g y) of (a,b) -> ....
-- If a,b occur once we can avoid constructing the let binding for them.
= thing_inside (extendIdSubst env bndr (DoneEx new_rhs))
| otherwise
= simplBinder env bndr `thenSmpl` \ (env, bndr') ->
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