Commit 3fc68b5c authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Remove missing archs (mipseb, mipsel, alpha) (#5734)

It doesn't hurt to map these to ArchUnknown since we don't need to
know anything specific about them, and adding them would be a pain
(there are a bunch of places where we have to case-match on all the
arches to avoid warnings).
parent a8b8d657
......@@ -174,15 +174,6 @@ AC_DEFUN([FPTOOLS_SET_HASKELL_PLATFORM_VARS],
test -z "[$]2" || eval "[$]2=\"ArchARM {armISA = \$ARM_ISA, armISAExt = \$ARM_ISA_EXT}\""
test -z "[$]2" || eval "[$]2=ArchAlpha"
test -z "[$]2" || eval "[$]2=ArchMipseb"
test -z "[$]2" || eval "[$]2=ArchMipsel"
test -z "[$]2" || eval "[$]2=ArchUnknown"
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