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Mark evaluated arguments in dataConInstPat

See Note [Mark evaluated arguments] in CoreUtils.

This is not a significant change, but avoids a spurious Lint complaint.
parent 0f978b5b
......@@ -1222,7 +1222,7 @@ dataConInstPat :: [FastString] -- A long enough list of FSs to use for
-> [Unique] -- An equally long list of uniques, at least one for each binder
-> DataCon
-> [Type] -- Types to instantiate the universally quantified tyvars
-> ([TyVar], [Id]) -- Return instantiated variables
-> ([TyVar], [Id]) -- Return instantiated variables
-- dataConInstPat arg_fun fss us con inst_tys returns a triple
-- (ex_tvs, arg_ids),
......@@ -1250,14 +1250,14 @@ dataConInstPat :: [FastString] -- A long enough list of FSs to use for
-- where the double-primed variables are created with the FastStrings and
-- Uniques given as fss and us
dataConInstPat fss uniqs con inst_tys
dataConInstPat fss uniqs con inst_tys
= ASSERT( univ_tvs `equalLength` inst_tys )
(ex_bndrs, arg_ids)
univ_tvs = dataConUnivTyVars con
ex_tvs = dataConExTyVars con
arg_tys = dataConRepArgTys con
arg_strs = dataConRepStrictness con -- 1-1 with arg_tys
n_ex = length ex_tvs
-- split the Uniques and FastStrings
......@@ -1268,7 +1268,7 @@ dataConInstPat fss uniqs con inst_tys
univ_subst = zipOpenTvSubst univ_tvs inst_tys
-- Make existential type variables, applyingn and extending the substitution
(full_subst, ex_bndrs) = mapAccumL mk_ex_var univ_subst
(full_subst, ex_bndrs) = mapAccumL mk_ex_var univ_subst
(zip3 ex_tvs ex_fss ex_uniqs)
mk_ex_var :: TvSubst -> (TyVar, FastString, Unique) -> (TvSubst, TyVar)
......@@ -1280,11 +1280,30 @@ dataConInstPat fss uniqs con inst_tys
kind = Type.substTy subst (tyVarKind tv)
-- Make value vars, instantiating types
arg_ids = zipWith3 mk_id_var id_uniqs id_fss arg_tys
mk_id_var uniq fs ty = mkUserLocal (mkVarOccFS fs) uniq
(Type.substTy full_subst ty) noSrcSpan
arg_ids = zipWith4 mk_id_var id_uniqs id_fss arg_tys arg_strs
mk_id_var uniq fs ty str
= mkLocalIdWithInfo name (Type.substTy full_subst ty) info
name = mkInternalName uniq (mkVarOccFS fs) noSrcSpan
info | isMarkedStrict str = vanillaIdInfo `setUnfoldingInfo` evaldUnfolding
| otherwise = vanillaIdInfo
-- See Note [Mark evaluated arguments]
Note [Mark evaluated arguments]
When pattern matching on a constructor with strict fields, the binder
can have an 'evaldUnfolding'. Moreover, it *should* have one, so that
when loading an interface file unfolding like:
data T = MkT !Int
f x = case x of { MkT y -> let v::Int# = case y of I# n -> n+1
in ... }
we don't want Lint to complain. The 'y' is evaluated, so the
case in the RHS of the binding for 'v' is fine. But only if we
*know* that 'y' is evaluated.
c.f. add_evals in Simplify.simplAlt
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